Magic for Adults & Teens

WARNING: If you do not want your event to be the topic of discussion for days later, do not hire a trained Magician.

Everyone enjoys being mystified by

the Art of Magic!


Have you ever wondered if it is possible for a magician to do close up tricks without the use of fancy camera editing?


Whether you are having a dinner party for the office-family-friends, planning a company event or if you are setting up a booth at a trade show, Magic is an astounding way to mystify and entertain your guests. 


Call today to inquire about our intimate scale performances for adults and older teens.  These last around 45 minutes and we can work with you on tailoring options to meet your needs.  This incorporates magic in a more intimate setting with use of cards, money, predictions/mentalism and other seemingly ordinary objects.  

This is a very unique experience!


Contact Us Today!

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Magic is mystifying, fun, and exciting. Laughter occurs often and you might be caught asking "How did he do that?"

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